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by - Thursday, November 09, 2017

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I'm blogging since November 2011, but my blog was not polished, it was not updated at all (with exception of changing the blog template a few years ago), it was a huge mess, and it was hosted on Blogspot (yep, you read that right). I knew I have to basically tear it down and start all over again. So, finally, I've said goodbye to the old and hello to the new.


I'm not sure is rebranding right description for this transition of mine to more serious and professional blogging, because I'm starting a completely new blog, but let's pretend it is. During the past years I did my best to have some consistency in blog appearance, but to be honest I didn’t really have a brand for my old blog. It had some elements of branding attempt, but there was no true look and feel. It did not represent me at all.
I don't want to bother you with detail explanation of design process, but even before I begun creating my visual branding I knew I will keep the name Studio Artesania. Basically, I choose color pallet which includes my favorite darker shades of red and turquoise blue with the addition of black, grey and white. Also, for different purposes on different platforms (blog, shop, social media), I make three variations of the logo with details in red and/or blue. Finally, I get a custom domain and incorporate everything into stylish blog design. I'm very happy with the style, look and feel of my new blog, and hope that you like it too.
Variations of Studio Artesania logo


Old posts - I was blogging with no real goal, purpose, or focus. I wasn't consistent on posting, too. Even though I had posted some polymer clay related tutorials and tips, most of my posts have had just a few sentences and lot of photos of my art pieces. So with much debate, I decided to start blogging almost from scratch. I had reviewed all content on my old blog and chose some of, in my opinion important, posts that fit into the new concept to re-edit, update and repost here. Some of them are already posted, and some will be polished, updated and posted later on. All others posts I will let go. It’s a little bittersweet to have to retire what I did so far, but I'm very excited for this new venture.
Language - When I started my blog I wrote in my native language (Serbian), with Google Translate feature added to it. But, at some point, I noticed that most of my readers are from abroad, which is funny because the blog was mainly written in Serbian and they have to deal with that funky Google translations. As you probably know, those automatic translations tend to have many mistakes, not only on grammar but also in sentence construction which sometimes cause that translated text ends up without any sense. Then I decided to translate my posts manually and publish both versions at the same time in two different texts, which was not very nice aesthetically. Also, after some time I began to be overwhelmed and stressed by doing the same job twice.
So, after much deliberation, I decided that, since I'm starting blogging all over again, the main language at the new blog will be English. English is the language of the Internet. Right?! Maybe in the future, I decide to have a bilingual blog (in English and Serbian), but for now, I will write only in English. Btw, please note that English is not my native language, so I will probably make some of the grammar or spelling mistakes. I want to apologize in advance for that. If I do so, please inform me about it in order to make corrections. Thanks!
Social media - To be completely honest I did not pay much attention to social media. Deep in my heart, I know that I will drastically change my blogging path some day, so at some point, I give up trying. In the result, my profiles was a mess which, in the spirit of blog changes, I needed to re-edit and polish. Since all the links for posts on my old blog that I shared on social media will not work anymore, I decided to delete them. I want to post more according to the brand I created, so it's better to start all over again, then to confuse existed and new followers with missed content.

What to expect

Ultimately my purpose and focus have geared into a different direction than when I originally created a blog. As I already mentioned my blog was more personal art journal, but I want Studio Artesania to be a place where readers can learn different artistic skills, to inspire people to create, and to share my passion for art, craft and DIY projects. Mainly people know me as a polymer clay artist, but I’m a lifetime crafter that thinks that everyone can and should take the time to make things every now and then. I love teaching, and I want to teach other people to create beautiful things. I envisioned my blog as a training ground for future crafters and artist, as well as an inspirational place for those more experienced. I will show you lots of different arts and crafts to help you get creative and to express yourself in your own unique way!

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