Revamp old shoes

by - Thursday, May 03, 2018

Revamp old shoes
I have that thing for flat ballet pumps. We are in love since my childhood when I practiced ballet. Unfortunately, my dream of becoming a prima ballerina was not achieved, but the love for ballet and ballet shoes has remained to this day. I own several pairs of ballet pumps, and among them are brown ones that are very old and worn out. I love that shoes, but it's obvious that they had definitely seen better days. Even though they no longer looked particularly great and had been worn into submission, they are so comfortable that I had to save them and turn them into something gorgeous - the shiny silver flats. Here is what I did to makeover those shoes to be wearable again.

Materials and tools

Old shoes
White and silver acrylic paint
Semi-hard paintbrush
Silver glitter Eva foam sheet

Step 1.

Revamp old shoes
Before I start my shoe makeover I removed a ribbon bow that was sewn on the front. I encountered several problems during revamping these shoes. As I wrote earlier my shoes were brown and it would be much easier for me if I wanted to turn them into gold ones. But, gold is not my thing, at least for clothes so I would not have anything to wear them with. I wanted them to be silver. You see, the gold paint will cover brown after only two coating, but silver is looking for a light background that way I had to prepare them by priming in white. Since my shoes are made of fabric which looks like overturned leather firstly I tried to spray paint them with white textile paint, but they just got soaked and color did not want to stay. After drying, they were still brown. Then I decided on a different approach.
Revamp old shoes
I used white acrylic paint for priming. I applied two coats of white making sure to pull the brush in the opposite direction from the fabric grained texture and thus cover the entire visible surface, including upper edge of my shoes.

Step 2.

After both coatings of white acrylic paint were dried, which took about half an hour (15 minutes for each coating), in the same way, I applied silver acrylic paint. Again, I applied two coating.
Revamp old shoes
These shoes are not intended for walking in the rain, so acrylic paint is not in danger of spilling. Anyway, I tested them under a jet of water and the paint remained completely intact.

Step 3.

Revamp old shoes
I removed old dirty insoles and used them to make templates for the new ones. With the pencil, I traced the shape of insoles on the back of the foam sheet and cut them out with the scissors.
Revamp old shoes

Step 4.

Then I applied the adhesive (glue) to the back of the insole and placed it into the shoe. It's best to apply the adhesive gradually - from the heel to the toes, and gradually to put it into the shoe with the gentle pressure of your fingers.
Revamp old shoes
That way I was able to put the insole in the right place and correct the position when was needed. I left the shoes overnight so the glue can completely dry. To hide the traces of bows I put a decoration in front of the shoes. The process of making the decoration I will show you in the next tutorial. And, that's it! My new shiny silver shoes were ready for a walk.
Revamp old shoes
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Revamp old shoes

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