About me

My name is Andrijana Anya Katavić. I live in Belgrade (Serbia). I'm a journalist by profession, chemist, and historian by education and a self-taught applied artist by my own choice (read, for love of art). I have a long-standing career as journalist/editor, and I also write a blog, photograph, design and manufacture usable objects, and hold workshops to teach others how to work with polymer clay and other art materials...
Since childhood I'd dealt with the various forms of art, I had a lot of experience with pottery and painting, but in recent years I'm mostly focused on polymer clay. I'd participated in numerous art conventions in the country and abroad, and have exhibited my multimedia creations in several international group exhibitions. My artworks and tutorials have been published in various art publications, books, and magazines. I have collaborated with Makin's Clay® USA and Staedtler Serbia.
On Studio Artesania blog, you will find lots of DIY, home decor, tips, organizational ideas, printables and crafty inspiration, along with snippets from my personal life. I love inexpensive, easy projects with some high style, and I have a bit of fixer-upper crash. Also, I love to learn and I love to try new things. My approach is trial and error and I love the process of learning along the way. Come learn from my successes and mistakes as I design my life, one DIY project at a time.