Polymer clay cup and saucer tutorial

by - Thursday, December 14, 2017

Polymer clay cup and saucer tutorial
This tutorial will teach you how to make the cup decoration and saucer from polymer clay. This tutorial includes a very detailed textual description of each step, with 57 images and 5 templates for precise clay cutting. Also, there are many tips and tricks that will help you during your work. This tutorial is equally suitable for beginners, as well as for experienced creative people and artists. What makes this project interesting is that, no matter how many cups and saucers you make, each of these creations will be unique and completely different.
Polymer clay cup and saucer tutorial
Photo: Petar Đorđević
This project is made using Fimo, but you can use whatever polymer clay brand you prefer. Please note that this tutorial is copyrighted and it's for your personal use only. You can sell whatever you create using this e-book tutorial, but you cannot reproduce it for use by others, teach a class based on it, nor offer it for sale.
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Beth Petricoin (U.S.) - This project tutorial by Studio Artesania is well illustrated with detailed written descriptions and beautiful, clear photos depicting each step of the process. This tutorial is appropriate for all levels, from beginners to experienced artists. Anya gives you full instructions to complete the project and she adds many extra tips to ensure that your efforts result in success. Beginners, if you’re looking for a fun and versatile project to introduce you to working with polymer clay, this one would be a great place to start!
Daniela Mihalik Salma (Serbia) - Among the many tutorials for jewelry making, this one is a real refreshment. With high-quality photos, clearly described instructions and included additional tips, this tutorial is a great intro to working with this wonderful material for beginners. Advanced polymer clayers will enjoy it too because they will learn some new tricks.
Patricia Krauchune (U.S.) - I love this tutorial by Anya. The photos are crisp, clear and show a lot of detail. The step by step instructions is concise and very easy to follow. You can't go wrong with this tutorial!  
Milica Marić (Serbia) - In one word, this tutorial is AWESOME!!! It is very useful, detail, with good explanation and tips. I am very happy to have this opportunity to learn from it. It's a big pleasure to have Anya for the polymer clay's teacher because she generously and unselfishly shares with all of us her huge knowledge and experience.
Leila Bidler (Italy) - Very easy to follow tutorial with great quality pictures that show close up how to do the step by step instructions. Every detail is described very well so everyone will be able to follow.

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