DIY Multifunctional industrial-style coasters

by - Thursday, April 05, 2018

DIY Multifunctional industrial-style round coasters
I love to design and create multifunctional objects. You know, the objects that you can use for multiple purposes, and these industrial-styled coasters are one of those. They will not only protect your table while looking stylish, but they can also serve as candle or paper holders, or for storing small things like keys, jewelry, staples
They can be put on top of each other and used as minimalist sculpture. They can be arranged in various ways - the bottom at the bottom, the top along the top, the bottom along the top - to create different shapes of sculpture. And, depending on the mood, you can put a different color on top every day. They are fun and gorgeous multifunctional objects
DIY Multifunctional industrial-style round coasters
To make them it will take you a few hours, and you need the materials you probably already have in the house. The only tricky part is to find a perfect plastic container for the mold. You will need a plastic container with the raised bottom sufficiently wide to hold your glasses. I reused a package of my favorite hummus. Look for a similar package of yogurt or some kind of spreads that suits your glasses.

Materials and tools

Plaster of Paris
Cotton pads
Vegetable oil
Mixing bowl
A plastic container as a mold
Acrylic paints

Step 1.

DIY Multifunctional industrial-style round coasters
Apply a small amount of oil on a cotton pad and rub the mold with it. Make sure that you do not pour a lot of oil, but just enough to make very, very thin layer of grease on inside of the container. That will help you later to get out plaster object from the mold.

Step 2.

Mixing plaster is very easy. For the measurements be sure to follow the directions on the package of the plaster you use. For my mold, I used 3 tablespoons of powder and about half a milliliters of water. It's easiest if you pour water into the plaster very slowly and mix as you pour. You will continue mixing until your plaster is the consistency of (American) pancake batter. 
DIY Multifunctional industrial-style round coasters

Make sure that your mixture is smooth and without any lumps. Once the plaster is right consistency you are ready to pour. You have about 5 minutes to work with the mixture, so have your mold ready and close by.

Step 3.

You can slowly pour the plaster into the mold, but for this project, I find that is easier to gradually add plaster mixture into the container. I used a spatula to pour a small amount of plaster and then vibrate it (shake it quickly left and right with hand). 
DIY Multifunctional industrial-style round coasters

Tap the container few times on desk to extract trapped air, and then add more mixture until you satisfied with the thickness of the coaster. Again vibrate it and tap it on the desk to rid the air. You will notice air bubbles appearing on the surface. They will go on their own after shaking and taping the mold, and the surface will again become smooth. Leave it aside to tighten which will, depending on plaster you use, take for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Step 4.

DIY Multifunctional industrial-style round coasters
Turn the mold, press it lightly with your fingers if necessary, and the object will slip out of the mold. Set aside to fully dry. Plaster takes about half the hour to hour to set, but to fully dry I recommend you to let it sit overnight.
Repeat all the steps to make more coasters. To make sure that all coasters are the same thickness before you take out the first one from the mold mark its thickness. Just draw the line on the container with the marker, and when you make next coaster you will pour plaster up to the mark.

Step 5.

Although vibrating and taping have helped to have the flat bottom of the coaster, it is not completely flat. Some of the coasters may have uneven edges as well. Therefore, sanding is mandatory. Take a larger sheet of sandpaper and in a circular motion correct any irregularities on the bottom of the coasters. Also, round those edges. For edges, I used my trusty nail file. Remove the dust on coasters with paper towels.
DIY Multifunctional industrial-style round coasters
During this step, please, wear the protective mask because you do not want to inhale the dust. Place the old newspaper or larger sheet of baking paper on the table so you can easily remove the collected dust.

Step 6.

Mix acrylic paints and carefully paint an inner circle of the coasters in your favorite colors to create depth and a 3D effect. You can use one color or a different one for each coaster. I used yellow, magenta, green and blue. 
DIY Multifunctional industrial-style round coasters

Using a different color for each coaster is a great way to avoid mixing glasses. Set aside to dry. It will take about 20 minutes. That's it! Your brand new coasters are ready!
DIY Multifunctional industrial-style round coasters
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